Explore India with a local at your side.

If you love Indian food and have always wanted to visit the source, here's your chance to go beyond the tired touristy path and experience the real India behind-the-scenes.

When you join one of Ruta’s Culinary Tours, you'll shop where the locals shop, you'll cook and eat with them. You’ll travel with a small, intimate group, so count on a lot of personal attention and a lot of fun.

A Culinary Tour of Western India.

September 17 - 26, 2010

You’ll explore Christian, Hindu and Mopla cooking in Kerala, distinct Catholic and Hindu styles in Goa, and a plethora of cooking styles in the cosmopolitan, intensely foodie mecca that is Mumbai.

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. You’ll visit spice farms, markets and fisheries. Haggle with fisherfolk at a local’s side and stuff spicy Goan sausages with the village’s top sausage maker. Cook with 5-star chefs and grandmothers. Snack at hole-in-the-wall places and glitzy night clubs frequented by Bollywood stars. You will return from this trip bursting with ideas and inspiration.

This popular itinerary is jam-packed with market visits, demos, restaurants, and food, food, food. But we’ll still make time for Ayurvedic massages and shopping.

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